Welcome to my portfolio!

Welcome to my new blog and gallery!

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January 13th Work in Progress

Progress has been a bit slow recently as I’m back in work now! But I’ve managed to get some detail out into the grass and the water. Just waiting for it to dry now before I can do some more! Brown and white paper is all prepped ready for the next sections on both pieces. […]

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Blaen Bran WIP

So the downside to working in the night is it gives you dark gloomy photos! 🙄 Any way, progress pics 7.1.18 of both pieces. Really pleased with how they’re coming on. I thought doing two pieces together would be hard work, but actually it’s been really good for making the most of my time as […]

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Work in Progress 4th Jan

I’ve made some headway today! Image 1 has the trees/ bush detail added in using a mixture of marker pens, gel pens, watercolour pencils, fine liner and metallic marker pen. For the second image I returned to the thick textured paint and a palette knife to start the snow. I haven’t attempted snow in a […]

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New Year, New Challenge

So I thought I would start the year with a challenge! I have two photos I want to work from and I would like to keep the look similar, which for me means using the same coloured papers etc, so I will be doing parts almost simultaneously for continuity. So far so good! I’ve made […]

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Down the Bay

Latest completed piece- Down the Bay. 76x51x1.5cm Mixed Media collage on box canvas. Created using paper collage, paints, markers, gels, metallic texture paint, 3D relief paints, liquid glass and box canvas. Inspired by the beautiful diversity of Cardiff Bay, where modern and traditional architecture meet and overlook the bay and the barrage.

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Breaking Out of the Gallery 2017

The postman delivered a lovely surprise this morning; my copy of the Breaking Out of the Gallery exhibition guide! It is a beautifully bound booklet, full of bright colourful images of all the artwork, plus images of the artwork on display around Haverfordwest. It was a fabulous, well organised exhibition and I hope to have […]

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