Work in Progress 24.8.18

Started working on the details today. I’m finding the feathers therapeutic! I’m really enjoying the mix of colours I’m getting to use. I blocked in the white modelling paste with markers, before starting the details in acrylic paint and a VERY small brush! Still lots of work to do as you can see!

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Work in Progress 23.8.18

So I’ve been a bit quiet recently as it’s the summer holidays and I’ve got two kids to entertain! But I’ve recently hit a bit of a creative block, so my husband suggested stepping right out of my comfort zone and trying something completely different- so here I am, trying something new! I am aiming […]

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Breaking Out of the Gallery 2018

Calon y tir- The heart of the land 2′ x 2’8″ Mixed Media collage on board. This first piece shows Blackpool Mill on the River Cleddau, that runs through Haverfordwest. Historical reports date back to the Romans, describing how they used the river for sea traffic. Local slate has been found at Roman sites in […]

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