So my Piece ‘Awaiting the Tide’ sold last night at the auction. Massive thanks to Breaking Out of the Gallery for letting me take part this year! Looking forward to next year! 😉🙂

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Building up the Detail..

So tonight I’ve started marking in the details and filling in the areas that are beach. This last step is probably most time consuming and fiddly now, with the smallest details to be put in! But this is also my favourite part too- where I get to put all the little lights and details on!

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My Gallery is now live!

Ok, so after a bit of work, my gallery of work is up and running! Please check it out, work unavailable has been marked as SOLD. If you would like to purchase a piece of original artwork I can be contacted via the contact form in the drop down menu. Thanks!

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Breaking Out of the Gallery

So the Breaking Out of the Gallery show in Haverfordwest is almost over!  All the artwork is now available to view at 8 Spring Gardens, Haverfordwest, before the closing party and auction on September 15th – message me for more details. It was great to get to see this piece up on display and I’m […]

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